From my Long Experience!

  1. “Sure, when I see an ad for a Mars Bar, I’ve never got up and got in the car and gone and got one!” (But the next time the car was filled up, a Mars Bar was bought.)

  2. “Advertising doesn’t work on me, I’m sure it works on some people, but not me!” (As he hops into his Porsche, wearing his Ralph Lauren polo Shirt, having played golf in his Footjoys using his Titleist Pro V1x)

  3. “I always thought I would be good at advertising” ( Anyone could do that - and sure if I could do it, anyone can, it's so easy)

  4. “50% of Advertising works and 50% doesn’t, but no-one knows which 50%” (The person speaking has never bought or sold any advertising, has never had anything to do with marketing but has heard this cliche somewhere)

  5. “I don’t watch a lot of TV.” ( Or listen to the radio, or use Google, or go on social media, or drive the car, or read magazines.)

  6. “I always research the things I buy, I don’t trust those advertisers” (So go to a supermarket never having seen an ad, and tell me how long it would take to do the grocery shopping.)

  7. ““I don’t even understand the ads any more - did you see the one for Guinness with the horses in the sea, what was that all about?” (Enough said)

  8. “I’m don’t let advertising influence me. Apple computers are the best, and worth an extra £500. I read about it” (The magic of PR)

  9. “I never watch the ads, I fast forward to avoid them” (Using the Volvo Sponsors Drama on Sky Atlantic as the out and in point for the flick through).

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2020 Tim McKane - on WIx. Belfast Northern Ireland