The 5 Steps to Audience First Marketing

Updated: Jun 28

Audience First Marketing is the system I have developed to create successful marketing campaigns in the modern media world.

It has been developed through applying a lot of experience and research into people and how they behave.

Here are the 5 Steps to Audience First Marketing

  • Identify the target audiences. It is not one, it could be 8, but to get started you should be able to think of four types of people that you want to talk to, and who are the most likely to buy from you. Use your experience of existing customers.

  • Workshop the audiences into personas. Get together with a few friends of colleagues and think about the people, not your product. Who are they, what are they interested in, what is their status regarding age, income, interests, gender, location. Do they like sport or music, are they interested in walking or travelling, do they have children or are they downsizing?

  • Once identified, then you do a simple process: “I want - so that”. What do they want out of buying from you , and step beyond the purchase into their lives. I wrote an ad once for a software company “Once we introduced Uibol Software, my golf handicap went down to 10”. The benefit to the purchaser was that he had more time, less stress, and more happiness. Not that he had some software.

  • Use the So-That answers to create content for your audiences. Here is an example:

I want an E-Car - So that “I have less impact on the environment” - Content - Easy ways to help

the environment.

I want an E-Car - So that - “I spend less on fuel” - Content - Ways to reduce your fuels bills.

The call to action on these pieces of content takes the people to the next step of your sales process - a button that has further specific content - ie - Five things you didn’t know about e- cars.

Host the content you create on your website. When people click on the link on their social media feeds they will be brought to your sitge and then they can browse other pages and find out more about you.

  • Finally - promote the content - not the product. Share your content on social with organic posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Pay to promote the content to your target audiences.

The Outcomes

Audience First Marketing works. Here’s why.

  • Your audiences have engaged with you

  • They know who you are

  • They have spent time with you

  • You will never be unknown to them again.

  • You have shown that you are more interested in them than your sale.

If you want further information, drop me a line.

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