What Can I Do for You?

Here's what I can do to help you and your business

  • Marketing Strategy - are you getting the best out of your marketing investment? Who are you talking to, and are they interested? What are you selling?

  • Leadership Communication - Every person in your business can give you more, and you can help them unlock their potential, but often Leadership training does not show you how communications can make a huge difference. I can give you support in getting the best out of the new digital opportunities. 

  • Audience First Marketing - how much time have you spent analysing your customers and breaking them into specific groups depending on their role, their interests, the reasons why they will buy from you and how you use that data? I run workshops that are always revealing to the participants and make them think in a more innovative manner

  • Marketing Direction - I can support your team for a couple of days a month, using my experience to keep them on track. It is like employing a senior marketing director with too much experience for a full-time role, but who can really inspire your team

  • One-to-One - I have worked with many clients, both public and private sector, large and small, and each one benefits from my ability to bring experience from others to bear in dealing with communications. I open people up to ideas and innovation using Disruptive and Agile techniques. 

2020 Tim McKane 

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